About Us

In 2018, we adopted a kitten and quickly fell in love with our little fur ball. Being a new cat owner was awesome; from playing with toys to spoiling her with treats, we loved spending time with her.

The problem was, we never wanted to leave the house. We’d be walking down the driveway and notice her staring at us through the window. We had so much guilt every time we left. If only we could bring her everywhere we went…

We heard of this trendy new idea; cat backpacks. We were immediately sold on the idea, and it wasn’t long before our cat had one for herself.

However, it wasn’t easy to find affordable cat backpacks online, and many online stores just weren’t reliable. 

That’s when Kitty Backpack was launched. Finally, a website that provides honest reviews of affordable and reliable cat backpacks online. We started to review backpacks from some of the best companies in the world and haven’t looked back since.

When we bring our kitty on adventures, we make her so happy that we are including her in our travels. At Kitty Backpack, we love the fact that we are spreading the happiness to cats around the world. There’s no better feeling than that.

Our Mission is simple: to reduce the number of cats who are left at home. After all, cats deserve to see the world too!