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The Navigator Cat Backpack

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The Space Kitty Cat Backpack

"The Space Kitty"

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The Leisure Kitty Cat Backpack

"The Leisure Kitty"

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The Kitty Tent Cat Backpack

"The Kitty Tent"

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Why you need a cat backpack

Hands Free Cat Carrier

Superior to traditional cat carriers. The ability to wear one on your back is truly a game changer. Our customers find it's much more convenient when bringing your cat places such as the vet. I've completely replaced my cat's old cat carrier with her backpack, and many of our customers have done the same!

Adventure With Your Kitty

Never leave your furry companion home again. Take your cat hiking, kayaking, bike riding, or to your favorite restaurant. The possibilities with a cat backpack carrier are endless! If you're jealous of all these adventure cats you see on Instagram, this is your chance to turn your cat into one. My kitty literally can't wait for the next adventure!

Airline Approved

Many of our backpacks can be brought on airplanes, however we recommend checking with individual airlines to see what their dimension requirements are. Imagine the convenience of a cat backpack when you are carrying luggage in your hands. Several of our customers have purchased our carriers specifically for traveling. Going places with your cat has never been easier!

Your Cat Will Love It

Cats love being kept in the loop. Not only will they love traveling and going on adventures, but they will also enjoy the comfort and security the carriers offer. My cat actually sleeps in her cat backpack when at home! When she's not sleeping in the backpack, she just sits inside of it and stares at me. That's how I know when she's ready for an outdoor adventure!

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Considerations when buying a cat backpack

Is it comfortable?

Comfort is one of the most important factors you should consider when buying a cat backpack. Not only is your cat’s comfort important, but will it be comfortable on your back? Some backpacks out there offer support and some do not. At Kitty Backpack, we pride ourselves on selling comfortable products, always sourcing products with high quality materials and ergonomic designs.

Is the carrier the right size?

Waiting for a cat carrier to come in the mail just to find out its either too big or too small for your cat is frustrating, which is why we always provide measurements and weight recommendations on our product pages. We recommend taking measurements of your cat to see which products are right for your cat.

Does the backpack provide proper ventilation?

Ventilation and breathability are very important traits of any cat carrier. Without them, your cat will have trouble breathing, which can lead to something terrible. If you are planning on buying a cat backpack, please make sure there are enough breathing holes for your cat, especially if you plan on taking your cat for walks on a hot day. At Kitty Backpack, this is something we take very seriously, which is why all of our products are designed with your cat’s health in mind.

Is it adjustable?

Adjustability is another trait you should keep in mind when looking for a cat backpack. When going for longer walks, backpacks can sometimes put strain on your shoulders. Adjustable straps are very convenient, and you will be thanking yourself later when you choose to buy a carrier with them.

Is there a window?

When bringing your cat on adventures, your nosey cat will appreciate a backpack with windows (I know mine does). Whether its a bubble window or a mesh window, your cat will love to see what’s going on around you. At Kitty Backpack, we have many backpacks with windows so your cat can see the world. My cat LOVES to stick her head out and enjoy the scenery around her.

Why buy from us?

Free Shipping

We believe that shipping should always be free, which is why we offer free shipping on all orders (to most countries)! We will always process and ship your order in a timely manner. 

Customer Service

Whether you have a question about a product or have a problem with an order, our customer service representatives will be there to help you.

Low Prices

Unlike many other cat backpack stores online, we guarantee low prices (and plan on keeping it that way). Don't worry though, we will not sacrifice quality.